About Us

Okurma Sdn. Bhd.  is a subsidiary of Tarmah Group, a leading worldwide supplier of high quality sewing machine for the apparel and non-apparel industries who focusing on customer service, competitive pricing, product quality, technical support, advisory & solution and turnkey project for high sewing technology production plant. Okurma has tapped into over 30 years of industry expertise harness by Tarmah Group and develop a sustainable3-in-1 business model, thus “Sewing Boutique” has been established.  

The 3-in-1 concept of “Sewing Boutique” consist of both “hardware” and “skills & techniques” requires to create and satisfy customers’ needs. Customers can learn basic sewing skills and also develop sewing as a past time hobby. Customer can also buy various high quality sewing machines, imported theme fabrics and sewing accessories.

By providing the pre-sewn materials and accessories which are ready to sew and assemble, we have taken out the tedious preparation process and leave the fun and creative hand-made sewing experience to our customers. We promise to give our customers an easy to learn sewing experience where they can apply originality and creativity to their sewing artwork in their own preferences.

We have extensive range of product notions, accessories and sewing machines stock on hand at any available time. We believe in the hardwork and dedication putting into sewing, thus we are providing top notch quality products to our customers.



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